18th Century and Romantic Studies Colloquium

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18th Century and Romantic Studies Colloquium

The 18th Century and Romantic Studies Colloquium brings together Princeton’s community of graduate students and faculty specializing in the long eighteenth century and Long Romanticism through a forum where we gather to discuss the current work being done in our field.  Though the colloquium has traditionally focused on British literature of the 18th century and Romantic periods, we have recently hosted scholars with trans-Atlantic interests during this time frame.  We invite speakers from around the country as well as international speakers, to share their research and answer questions in an environment that fosters engaged discussion.  Recent speakers include Frances Ferguson, Sandra Macpherson, Marshall Brown, Anahid Nersessian, Wendy Lee, Abigail Zitin, Margaret Doody, Stuart Sherman, Cynthia Wall, Duncan Wu, and Maureen McLane. 

Upcoming Events

Oct 19
Jonathan Kramnick, Department of English, Yale University
Hinds Library (Room B14), McCosh Hall 4: 30 PM

Title TBA

Feb 26
Karen Weisman, Department of English, University of Toronto
Hinds Library (Room B14), McCosh Hall 4: 30 PM

Title TBA

Receptio in the Thorp Library to follow talk.

Past Events


Dec 12
Image: Romanticism in the anthropocene
James Castell, School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University
Hinds Library (Room B14), McCosh Hall 4: 30 PM

Professor Castell presented his work on Romanticism in the Anthropocene, a uniquely interdisciplinary event that attracted students from various departments (science as well as humanities fields) and put the humanities in conversation with environmental sciences.

Nov 08
Felicia Hemans image
Paul Hamilton, Department of English, Queen Mary University of London
McCosh 16 (Prof. Wolfson's office) 4: 30 PM

The colloquium collaborated with Susan Wolfson to organize an interactive roundtable seminar with Paul Hamilton on Felicia Hemans, in which graduate students in our department had the opportunity to closely read Hemans’ poems along with Professor Hamilton’s expert guidance.

Oct 25
Ian Balfour, Department of English, York University, Toronto, Canada
East Pyne, Room 205 5: 00 PM

This event was a collaboration between our colloquium and Comparative Literature, German, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, and the Theory Colloquium. Professor Balfour gave a lively presentation on the aesthetics of the sublime and inversion.

Sep 15
Anahid Nersessian talk poster
Anahid Nersessian, Department of English, University of California, Los Angeles
Hinds Library (Room B14), McCosh Hall 4: 30 PM

Anahid Nersessian presented a thought-provoking paper on obscurity in Wordsworth, which was followed by a lively discussion with graduate students and faculty.