Oct 31
Chancellor Green Rotunda
6: 30 PM to 10: 00 PM

On Halloween 2018, there will be a world-wide marathon reading of Mary Shelley’s extraordinary novel: “Frankenread”–various groups, academic, civic reading the entire novel. This event will be variously recorded by the NEH.

Nov 07
East Pyne 010
4: 30 PM to 6: 00 PM

"Frankenstein's Progeny."  A panel of talks: Gunnar Rice (English 2017), Madeleine Broome (science '19), Joyce Carol Oates, Emerita Berlind Professor.

Nov 08
Professor Susan Wolfson
Lewis Library 4: 45 PM

"Frankenstein, Frankenstein, and the Dreams of Science," a lecture by Susan Wolfson.

November 8, 4:45, at the Lewis Library, as part of the Library's 10th anniversary