“Ferguson is the Future” Incubating Alternative Worlds Through Arts, Activism, and Scholarship

09/14/2015 - 8:15am to 10:00pm
Chancellor Green Rotunda


What stories about power, difference, and belonging fuel the social crises we face today? How does visionary fiction offer us models for creating new possible worlds? Can the combined insights and interventions of artists, activists, and scholars plot a different course forward? “Ferguson is the Future” is part of an ongoing collaboration to imagine and create alternative worlds that are more just and representative of humanity.

This symposium brings together a multigenerational panel of speculative fiction writers, activists, filmmakers, academics, and artists to discuss the historical, present-and-future manifestations of a social reality we wish to create and thrive in. As we work to shape change, we will use this space as an incubator and laboratory to grow new visions of the worlds we want to exist. Please join us for a day-long celebration and investigation to explore these timely issues.

Sponsored by:

Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network, Princeton Lewis Center for the Arts, David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Fund, Princeton Council for the Humanities, Princeton Public Library, Princeton Department of English, Princeton Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Princeton Department of African American Studies.

Registration required at: https://blacktothefuture.princeton.edu

For more info, contact Prof. Ruha Benjamin at ruha@princeton.edu