Andy Warhol's Skin Problems

04/14/2014 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
201 Stanhope Hall
Professor Jonathan Flatley, Wayne State University

Intersections and CAAS Graduate Affairs will be co-sponsoring a lecture by Prof. Jonathan Flatley (Wayne State University) on Monday, April 14th at 4:30pm entitled "Andy Warhol's Skin Problems."

Professor Jonathan Flatley will be leading a critical discussion on cultural studies research methodological practices, and he'll be presenting work from his forthcoming book project entitled Like Andy Warhol which examines the relationship between liking and being alike in Warhol’s work, approaching liking as a project or praxis that can be actively pursued, involving a talent that can be learned and developed.  It proposes that we see Warhol’s Pop as at once a series of illustrations of Warhol’s talent for liking and a pedagogical effort to help us expand our own capacities for liking.