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Aug 04
2: 00 PM

Sarah Rivett

Layli Long Soldier, Whereas

Jul 28
2: 00 PM

Esther Schor

Claudia Rankine, Citizen

Jul 27
3: 00 PM

Anne Cheng and Paul Nadal

Ling Ma, Severance

Jul 26
3: 00 PM

Gabrielle Hamilton: Blood, Bones and Butter and “My Restaurant Was My life for 20 Years. Does the World Need it Anymore?”;
Jenny Zhang on Sizzler from American Like Me;
Min Jin Lee, “What I Want the Woman Behind the Counter to Know”

Jul 19
2: 00 PM

Readings list: Emily Dickinson, “I Dwell in Possibility,” “By My Window have I for Scenery”;

Emily Bernard, “The Purpose of a House”
Judith Ortiz Cofer, “More Room”
Samantha Irby, “A Case for Remaining Indoors”
Adrienne Brown on masks and race, “Seeing Race in a Pandemic”

Jul 17
3: 00 PM

Workshop with Kat Aaron, Senior Producer Pineapple Street Media, producer of English Department Summer Book Club pick “Octavia’s Parables” with Toshi Reagon and Adrienne Maree Brown (

Jul 14
2: 00 PM

Russ Leo

Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Ursula K. Le Guin short story, "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"

Jul 12
3: 00 PM

Elizabeth Bishop, “Questions of Travel”

Final Public Orals
Jul 02
Kimberly Bain, Department of English, Princeton University
Zoom ID# 978 9462 0419 11: 00 AM

On Black Breath

Dissertation advisers:  Ruha Benjamin, Anne Cheng, Simon Gikandi, Kinohi Nishikawa

Jun 30
2: 00 PM

Susan Wolfson

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson

Final Public Orals
Jun 29
Mollie C. Eisenberg, Department of English, Princeton University
Zoom ID# 950 1552 7592 10: 00 AM

The Case of the Self-Conscious Detective Novel: Modernism, Metafiction, and the Terms of Literary Value

Dissertation advisers:  Maria DiBattista, William Gleason, Benjamin Widiss (Hamilton College)

Jun 16
2: 00 PM

Maria DiBattista and Rebecca Rainof

James Joyce, “The Dead”; “Bloomsday” by Serena Alagappan (Princeton class of 2020)

Final Public Orals
Jun 01
Julia M. Hori, Department of English, Princeton University
Zoom ID#: 954 4329 1645 11: 30 AM

Restoring Empire: British Imperial Nostalgia, Colonial Space, and Violence since WWII

Dissertation advisers:  Eduardo Cadava, Simon Gikandi, Rachel Price, Ato Quayson (Stanford)


University events, Undergraduate dates/deadlines
May 31
Online via live stream 1: 00 PM

Princeton University will hold a virtual Commencement ceremony to honor the GREAT Class of 2020 on Sunday, May 31, 2020, 1 p.m.

Undergraduate dates/deadlines
May 29
Department of English Faculty
Virtual 1: 00 PM

Department of English Class Day Celebration for graduating seniors, their family and friends. This year the event will take place virtually with invitations being sent to our English majors and faculty directly.

Undergraduate dates/deadlines
May 14
Final Public Orals
May 13
Orlando Reade, Department of English, Princeton University
ZOOM ID#: 980-7657-7480; Interested parties should contact Pat Guglielmi ( for Zoom meeting password. 1: 30 PM

Being a Lover of the World: Lyric Poetry and Political Disaffection after the English Civil War

Dissertation advisers:  Bradin Cormack, Nigel Smith, Susan Stewart


Undergraduate dates/deadlines
May 13
Final Public Orals
May 01
Cate L. Mahoney, Department of English, Princeton University
Zoom meeting ID: 941-4780-6683 10: 30 AM

Go On Your Nerve: Confidence in American Poetry, 1860-1960

Dissertation advisers:  Diana Fuss, William Gleason, Joshua Kotin




Jul 08
4: 00 PM

Ingrid Norton

Katherine Anne Porter, “Pale Horse, Pale Rider” (a short story about the 1918 flu epidemic)