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Meetings for Majors
Oct 02
Sep 25
Rosanna Warren , English & Romance Studies Boston University and Bain-Swiggett Visiting Professor of Poetry Department of English Princeton University
McCosh 40 4: 30 PM
Final Public Orals
Aug 23
Ellen Smith, Department of English Princeton Universtity
McCosh 40 2: 00 PM


Critical Encounters Series
Apr 03
Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas and Young Jean Lee
archive 4: 30 PM

A cross-ethnic dialogue on the challenges of negotiating racial politics in experimental arts between Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas, playwrightand the founder and artistic director of the Fulcrum Theater, and Young Jean Lee, playwright, founder and Artistic Director of


Critical Encounters Series
Apr 28
Silvia Kolbowski and Emily Apter
archive 4: 30 PM

Avant-garde filmmaker Silvia Kolbowski converses with feminist/psychoanalytic critic Emily Apter on the confluences of trauma,  human rights, and the politics of aesthetics.  Co-sponsored by the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Critical Encounters Series
Oct 17
Issac Julien and Eduardo Cadava
archive 4: 30 PM

Filmmaker Isaac Julien screens two new films: one reflects on the social and political changes of contemporary Shanghai and their impact on the environment; the other on the relation between humanity and nature in an instance of disaster.  Followed by a convers


Critical Encounters Series
Apr 06
Princeton Undergraduates
archive 4: 30 PM

A dramatic reenactment of the historic trial, performed by Princeton undergraduates and written by the Honorable Judge Denny Chin,  US Court of Appeals.  Followed by comments from and conversation with the judge on the legal legacy of the Yasui Trial or constitutional debates tod


Critical Encounters Series
Apr 29
Marianne Weems and Shannon Jackson
archive 4: 30 PM

Founder of experimental performance company The Builders Association Marianne Weems and theater scholar Shannon Jackson discuss their collaboration across the divide between art and scholarship.

Critical Encounters Series, Symposia/Conferences
Oct 16
Phillip Campbell and Charis Thompson
archive 4: 30 PM

Editor-in-Chief of Nature magazine Philip Campbell joins bioethics scholar Charis Thompson in a debate about the relationship between the idea of “pure science” and the ethical, racial, and gender politics of scientific inquiry, highlighting the importance

Critical Encounters Series
Apr 03
Anne Carson
archive 4: 30 PM

Poet and scholar Anne Carson collaborate with three dancers from the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in a performance of words and movements. Co-sponsored by the Program in Theatre and Dance and the Center for Human Values


Critical Encounters Series
Sep 24
McCormick Hall 4: 30 PM

Historian Joan Scott meets legal scholar Julie Suk to explore how the politics of the veil in French anti-discrimination laws might help American legal and academic systems rethink what constitutes freedom.

Critical Encounters Series
Apr 05
acrhive 4: 30 PM

Constitutional scholar Kenji Yoshino converses with literature professor Anne A.

Critical Encounters Series
Feb 22
Novelist/poet Yvette Christian and literary scholar Saidiya Hartman
archive 4: 30 PM

Novelist and poet Yvette Christian meets with literary scholar Saidiya Hartman to discuss how creative writers versus scholars use and confront historical knowledge in the archive, especially when confronted by archives haunted by “missing” peoples.  Co-sponsored