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Feb 08
Mohammed El-Kurd
Hobart Betts Auditorium, Architecture N-010 4: 30 PM to 6: 30 PM

On "Perfect Victims" and the Politics of Appeal

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Feb 13
Saturnia Arts
Hinds Library, McCosh Hall B14 4: 30 PM to 6: 00 PM

Bring a smile to someone's face this Valentine's Day.

Join us to craft handmade, personalized valentines for the special people in your life.

Creation supplies, hot cocoa and cookies will be provided!

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Feb 15
Kimberly Bain, University of British Columbia
via zoom 4: 30 PM to 6: 00 PM

Ecotheories Colloquium: 

Mar 02
Justin Shaw, Clark University
TBD 4: 30 PM to 6: 30 PM

Assistant Professor of English at Clark University. He specializes in the literature of the 16th and 17th Centuries. He teaches courses on race, disability, and emotions in early modern British literature.

Mar 06
Joan K. Copjec, Brown University
TBD 4: 30 PM to 6: 00 PM

Joan K.

UG Non-Thesis Prize Submission Deadline Information Image
Mar 13
12: 00 PM

Prizes for First-years, First-years in the School of Engineering,

Sophomores, and All Undergraduates.

Poetry. Short Stories. Essays. Academic Coursework in English.

Prize Entries DUE by 11:59 PM, Monday, March 13, 2023

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Mar 27
Professor Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing
Hinds Library, McCosh B14 12: 00 PM to 1: 30 PM

“Feral Atlas: Toward a Collaborative Environmental Humanities”

Monday, March 27, 2023, 12:00pm-1:30pm in McCosh B14 (Hinds Library)

Register for pre-circulated materials at

Mar 29
Allan P. Isaac, Rutgers
TBD 4: 30 PM to 6: 00 PM

Professor of American Studies and English and Associate Dean of the Humanities at Rutgers University. He received his BA from Williams College and His PhD in Comparative Literature from NYU.

Mar 30
Lynn M. Festa, Rutgers University
Hinds Library (McCosh B14) 4: 30 PM to 6: 00 PM

Lynn M. Festa, Rutgers University

Associate Professor of English and author of Sentimental Figures of Empire in Eighteenth-Century Britain and France.

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Mar 31
B14 McCosh Hall & B45 McCosh Hall 10: 00 AM to 4: 00 PM

Concentrators, to assist with your senior theses or junior papers, graduate students (many of whom you have already met as your preceptors) will be on standby on Friday, March 31st to help you with your projects.

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Apr 11
22 McCosh Hall 12: 00 PM

Senior Thesis due by 12:00 PM

Apr 12
Barbara Browning, NYU
TBD 4: 30 PM to 6: 00 PM

Barbara Browning is Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Performance Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Apr 13
Catherine Nicholson, Yale
TBD 4: 30 PM to 6: 30 PM

Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies at Yale University and Author of Uncommon Tongues: Eloquence and Eccentricity in the English Renaissance (Penn Press, 2014).

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Apr 18
DropBox & 22 McCosh Hall 12: 00 PM

April 18, 2023, @ 12 PM                              


Drawing of Tiger
Apr 25
4: 30 PM to 6: 30 PM

SAVE THE DATE! 2023's English Major's Colloquium. 

Apr 29
TBD 8: 00 AM

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