Colloquia Series

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18th Century and Romantic Studies Colloquium

The 18th Century and Romantic Studies Colloquium brings together Princeton’s community of graduate students and faculty specializing in the long eighteenth century and Long Romanticism through a forum where we gather to discuss the current work being done in our field.  Though the colloquium has traditionally focused on British literature of the 18th century and Romantic periods, we have recently hosted scholars with trans-Atlantic interests during this time frame.  We invite speakers from...

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20th-Century Colloquium

The 20th Century Colloquium gathers graduate students, faculty, and speakers from a diverse array of disciplines to discuss all manner of 20th century Anglophone texts, including novels, poetry, film, critical theory, literary and cultural histories, and the like. We aim to foster a robust and engaged community of 20th century scholars at Princeton. Our events include lectures; works-in-progress from graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty;...

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Americanist Colloquium

The Americanist Colloquium brings together graduate students and faculty interested in exploring topics in American literature and in American Studies in general. Our scope is wide, open to all categories of critical interest and ranging, historically, from pre-Colonial America to the present. Past events have addressed questions of sovereignty, settler-colonialism, cultural studies, speculative fiction, legal studies, and more. We organize a variety of events—talks, reading groups,...

Contemporary Poetry Colloquium

The Graduate Colloquium on Contemporary Poetry brings together practicing poets and scholars from Princeton and beyond in a series of events aimed at exploring poetry in the present moment. We sponsor readings that include a question and answer session where the audience is able to engage in a dialogue with the featured poet. In past years, we have hosted poets such as Charles Bernstein, Timothy Donnelly, Ben Lerner, Jean Valentine, Tracy K. Smith, Lisa Robertson, Eduardo Corral, and Rosanna...

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Medieval Colloquium

The medieval colloquium is a graduate and faculty working group committed to enriching medieval studies at Princeton. Though we are mostly medievalists, we believe firmly that our field is enriched by discussion across periods and disciplines, and so we invite any and all interested people to attend our meetings. To this end, it is our hope to collaborate with other colloquia and organizations on Princeton’s campus and beyond. We invite speakers from institutions near and far, hoping to...

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Postcolonial Colloquium

The Postcolonial Colloquium is organized by graduate students of the Department of English at Princeton University as a forum for the study of the problem of postcolonialism. During the academic year, we host talks and discussions that reflect on the different kinds of subjects and forms of subjection that can be called postcolonial today.

An important function of the colloquium is to serve as a venue within the department for conversations about difference, especially racial and...

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Renaissance Colloquium

The Renaissance Colloquium is committed to providing a forum for graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars to gather and discuss current topics in early modern studies. We invite speakers from neighboring institutions and further afield to present their research in a collegial setting that encourages questions and discussion. In recent years, we have hosted scholars including Colin Burrow, Richard Halpern, Victoria Kahn, Rhodri Lewis, Molly Murray, and numerous others.

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Theory Colloquium

The Theory Colloquium is an organization of graduate students that supports the discussion of cultural criticism, theories of literature and language, and critical traditions across disciplines. We invite scholars, writers, and teachers of literary theory and language to present the English Department with recent work; we also sponsor panels and the informal study of texts central to the field. In the past our programs have included talks on Jean-Claude Milner, Gilles Deleuze, and Paul de...

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Victorian Colloquium

The Victorian Colloquium is a group of Princeton graduate students and faculty working on the British nineteenth century and related fields. Our primary responsibility is to invite scholars from other universities (as well as Princeton-affiliated scholars) to share their work with us at formal talks, often followed by receptions and dinners that allow students the opportunity to speak more informally with our guests. Along with our neighbors at Rutgers, delegates from the Victorian...