A Colloquium on Style

04/03/2019 - 4:30pm
Joseph Henry House - Seminar Room
Garrett Stewart, Class of 1932 Visiting Fellow in the Department of English and the Humanities Council.

A Colloquium on Style, with Humanities Professor Garrett Stewart, and comments by Jeff Dolven, Claudia Johnson, and Susan Wolfson on Garrett Stewart’s pre-circulated essay “Words,” and snapshots of their own recent work on style, and discussion by all. Reflections on Garrett Stewart’s Reading Voices (1990), what brought it into being from the Yale New Critical World, and how it has mattered to him and others since. “Words” will be available  by the first day of spring. This event is sponsored by the Humanities Council and the English Department.

4:30-6:30, including a catered reception. Joseph Henry House seminar room