English Concentrators' JP & Thesis Bootcamp #2

Feb 3, 2023, 10:00 am4:00 pm
B14 McCosh Hall (The Hinds Library) & B45 McCosh Hall


Event Description

Concentrators, to assist with your senior theses or junior papers, graduate students (many of whom you have already met as your preceptors) will be on standby on Friday, February 3rd to help you with your projects.

Work together with other English concentrators to write/research brilliantly in the company of others; thesis writing group leaders will guide goal-setting and hold you accountable to quiet, focused research/writing, helping you to be productive. Walk-ins are welcome, and you can stay in the room the whole day (10AM to 4PM) if you'd like. Lunch will be provided. 

If you would like to commit to attending, please RSVP here(link is external). If you would like your work reviewed prior to the bootcamp, please fill out the below survey.

Join other seniors to combat procrastination and finish your thesis!

  •  Focused quiet working periods and brief goal-setting and debriefing sessions;
  •  personalized consultations with graduate student Bootcamp leaders,
  •  healthy snacks and caffeinated beverages;
  •  free catered lunch!

If you would like graduate students to read material beforehand, please fill out the optional parts of the survey. Note that the graduate student will spend no more than one hour with your writing before the session, so make sure to specify what aspects of your writing you would like their attention on. 

A dropbox link is here: https://bit.ly/ENGBootCampReview(link is external)  if you want to submit material beforehand for review.  For prior review, you must submit your material no later than January 30th.                                                                             

Slots are limited for prior submissions and will be read in order of submissions.