Fantasies of Power: Drama, Politics and Aesthetics in Early Modern Europe Workshop

05/06/2016 - 1:30pm to 6:30pm
East Pyne 127 & 010
Julianne Werlin (Duke University), Deborah Blocker (UC Berkeley), Kirill Ospovat (St. Petersburg/Princeton University), Joel Lande (Princeton University), Albrecht Koschorke (Konstanz University)
Fantasies of Power:
 Drama, Politics and Aesthetics in Early Modern Europe
An Afternoon Workshop
 Friday, 6 May, 2016
Free registration:
Panel 1
1:40-3:00 p.m., East Pyne 127
 Julianne Werlin (Duke University): ‘Naming and Political Necessity.’
Déborah Blocker (University of California, Berkeley): ‘Affirming one's freedom to enjoy: the poetics of the Accademia degli Alterati and Peri's and Rinuccini’s Euridice (1600).’
Panel 2
3:10-4:30 p.m., East Pyne 127
 Kirill Ospovat (St. Petersburg/Princeton University): ‘Fiat Lux: Tropes of Incorporation in the Eighteenth-Century Russian Ode.’
Joel Lande (Princeton University): ‘The Logic of Literary Improvement.’
Keynote Speaker
5:00-6:30 p.m., East Pyne 010 
Albrecht Koschorke (Konstanz University): ‘Poetic Jurists, Geniuses in Office, Romantic Bureaucrats: Administration and Poetry in Early Modern Germany.’
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