Upcoming Events

Feb 04
Irene Yoon, LARB Workshop Director
McCosh B14 (Hinds Library) 4: 30 PM

This event will give an opportunity to our graduate students and undergrads who want to be introduced to Irene Yoon (a current voice in alt-ac conversations; she was just at MLA speaking on two panels) and get more information about the LARB workshop, which happens in LA each summer and bri

Mar 05
Laura R. Fisher, Associate Professor, Department of English, Ryerson University
Hinds Library (McCosh B14) 12: 00 PM

Intersections Working Group presents a Book Club Meeting of: Reading for Reform; The Social Work of Literature in the Progressive Era by Laura R. Fisher 

An unprecedented examination of class-bridging reform and U.S. literary history at the turn of the twentieth century

Past Events


Nov 11
40 McCosh Hall 12: 00 PM

This event is open to English Department graduate students only.

Oct 23
Hinds Library (Room B14), McCosh Hall 4: 30 PM
Oct 08
Hinds Library (Room B14), McCosh Hall 6: 00 PM
Sep 11
Hinds Library (Room B14), McCosh Hall 12: 00 PM

Open to English Department job seekers only.


Apr 06
TBA 9: 00 AM

Open to current Department of English Juniors.


May 31
4 McCosh Hall 10: 00 AM