Cameron Lee '22 "Inking Movements into Moments for Col(LAB) 3.0"

Students and Faculty work with ink & movement: Col(LAB) 3:0 Self -Portraiture: Autobiography and its Discontents

Senior concentrator, Cameron Lee '22, penned the article, Inking Movements into Moments for Col(LAB) 3.0, sharing her experience as a participant with the Col(LAB) 3.0: (Collective) Self-Portraiture: Autobiography and its Discontents led by two New York-based dance artists, Yin Mei, an internationally-renowned dancer and choreographer originally from China, and Dahlia/Dixon Li, an artist, writer, scholar, and Princeton English department alumna. The event was hosted on February 17th and 18th with the Effron Center for the Study of America.