Daniel Blank honored by Graduate School for excellence in teaching and service

April 24, 2017

Congratulations to Daniel Blank on being honored by the Graduate School for excellence in teaching.

"Daniel Blank is a sixth-year Ph.D. student in English and was nominated for his innovative teaching assistance in ENG 320, "Shakespeare I." Professor of English Jeff Dolven relates that Blank, a student of Renaissance drama, has in four separate semesters "organized a troupe of actors from the students in my lecture course. He got to exercise his theatrical and pedagogical curiosities, and I got a series of lively examples to draw on as I lectured — scenes I could conjure at the snap of my fingers." According to a student in his precept in 2016: "Dan pushed me to develop my work by heightening my curiosity about the material with his flexibility and detailed feedback. I cannot sufficiently articulate how much Dan's enthusiasm and dedication shaped my approach not only to this particular course, but also to my overall outlook on immersing myself in each of my classes." Blank expects to complete his degree in 2018."

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