Department of English Names Ten 2021 Senior Concentrators to Honors

Honors Class of 2021

This year’s 2021 cohort finds ten student concentrators as recipients of honors designation for their work within the Department of English.  Each department determines honors on the basis of the grades received by the student in departmental studies (including department requirements and cognates, junior independent work, the senior thesis, and the senior departmental examination.)

The Department of English awards distinctions for highest honors, high honors, and honors as recognition for exemplary work during the student’s tenure with the department. Roughly one quarter to one third of student concentrators receive this distinction.

This year’s recipients are listed below in order of distinction.

Highest Honors

Simone Aliza Wallk
Isabel Griffith Gorgati

Sophia Marie Marusic

High Honors

Marina Mei Li (Corr) Cooper
Tess Avital Solomon

Deanna Christensen
Paige Elizabeth Allen


William Benjamin Ball
Noa Wollstein

Julia Meghan Walton