ENG411 Final Project: Abolition Then and Now Exhibition

Abolition Then and Now is a collaborative, virtual exhibition put together as part of a final project for a course on the writings of Frederick Douglass and Ralph Waldo Emerson in the fall of 2020. Supported by a 250th Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Education, the course—taught by Professor Eduardo Cadava and supported by undergraduate Sociology major Shannon Chaffers—encouraged the students to think about the ways in which the writings of these two towering American figures can be used as resources not only for addressing contemporary socio-political issues but also for doing political work, and especially work that goes in the direction of addressing, engaging, and perhaps even overcoming the history of racial injustice in America. As part of this year’s Douglass Day celebration, the students presented the portion of their exhibition devoted to Douglass and to everything that we have inherited from his activism, determination, and ethical force and from which we can gather the strength to further the struggles that he believed were so necessary, and that remain so even today. The exhibition can be viewed at https://www.abolitionthenandnow.com/.