GARRETT STEWART Council of Humanities Professor Winter-Spring 2019

Jan. 30, 2019

With a brilliant career in several, frequently overlapping fields--Dickens (first, last, always); Victorian, Modern (and some contemporary) fiction; (micro)stylistics in prose and poetry; narratology; film/cinema/media studies; art history; book history--and an irrepressible curiosity about everything, Garrett Stewart promises great company. His graduate seminar is The Long Media Century: Victorian to Modern. Beginning with recent studies of newsprint circulation, serial publication and ad copy, postal delivery, telegraphy, and phonography in connection with 19th-century narrative (Dickens, Eliot, Hardy, Conrad, James) through the birth of cinema and on to apparatus theory and narratology in film and digital studies, students will be examining narrative prose and cinema in light of such intermedia and film theorists as Benjamin, Eisenstein, Bazin, McLuhan, Deleuze, Kittler, Bordwell, Cavell, Agamben, and Žižek. For our wider community, Garrett will offer a work-in-progress colloquium on an anthology essay he’s currently drafting for a Cambridge Companion to the Craft of Prose:  his assignment being the opening chapter on “Words,” followed by (others on) “Sentences,” “Paragraphs,” etc.