Meredith Martin named recipient of Graduate Mentoring Award

Meredith Martin

Congratulations to Meredith Martin on being named a recipient of the McGraw Center's Graduate Mentoring Award.

The mentoring award recognizes Princeton faculty members who nurture the intellectual, professional and personal growth of their graduate students. Graduate students nominate faculty members for the award, and they serve on the committee that selects the winners together with faculty members, senior staff from the McGraw Center and the deputy dean of the Graduate School. The award honors faculty in each academic division (engineering, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences) and includes a $1,000 prize and a commemorative gift.

Meredith Martin joined the faculty in 2006. She specializes in anglophone poetry with interests in historical prosody, historical poetics, poetry and public culture, and disciplinary and pedagogical history.

Martin has helped students grow professionally in a variety of ways, especially during a difficult year. “Since the pandemic began, she has attended every graduate student Zoom meeting and even organized her own meetings for the purpose of problem-solving and restructuring aspects of the graduate program in English to better meet the new demands of the pandemic and job market,” one student said.

Martin is known for supporting even students who have not worked directly with her. “I have not taken a course with her, and she is also not one of my dissertation advisers. Yet at every step of my graduate experience she has been a continual ally and support,” one student said.

Martin offers extensive guidance on scholarly papers through numerous drafts, observed another. “At points when I was stumped or stymied by writer’s block or difficulties in articulating my project, she took the time to read extensive drafts and talk one-on-one to work through the obstacles I was facing,” the student said.

An advisee praised her leadership of the Center for Digital Humanities and the opportunities she provided there for students, as well as her “unfailing support for her advisees’ scholarly ideas and professional goals, all with her characteristic friendliness, warmth and energy.”

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