The Princeton Buffer has arrived!

Princeton Buffer

The Princeton Buffer has arrived! An outgrowth of The Princeton Film Review course taught by Diana Fuss, we the student editors of the blog invite you to check out Princeton’s new film and television review ( Why should you click this link? Movies, TV, Netflix, YouTube—there’s a lot out there to watch, and not all of it is great. Our mission is to help you sift through the bad to find what’s good. The Princeton Buffer provides reviews and conversations to advise you on what you should be watching, what’s up with what you’re already watching, or what you should stop watching this instant. We are a group of student film buffs and television nerds who care about providing thoughtful and engaging insights in the voice of our generation. As editors and writers for the Buff, we want to make your precious viewing time better—or at the very least, more fun!

Brooke Biederman

Michael Cummings

Dayton Martindale

Benjamin Neumann

Ryohei Ozaki

Parth Parihar

William Pinke

Ryan Poladian

Paul Popescu

Zach Salk

Susannah Sharpless

Amy Solomon

Jessica Welsh

Kristi Yeung

Rebecca Zhang

Zinan Zhang