Prof. Esther Schor received President's Award for Distinguished Teaching


Four Princeton University faculty members received President's Awards for Distinguished Teaching at Commencement ceremonies Tuesday, June 2.

They are: Frederick Hughson, professor of molecular biology; Benjamin Morison, professor of philosophy; Paul Prucnal, professor of electrical engineering; and Esther Schor, professor of English.

Schor, who has served on the faculty since 1986, is a scholar of British Romanticism and literature, scripture and religion. 

Known as "Starry" to her colleagues, she is valued as an innovative teacher who has "made her mark on multiple corners of the University's curriculum." Noted a faculty member: "She is a humanist in the best tradition, a believer in the importance of words and ideas to human existence, a creative and often wry commenter on the sad human condition, and a teacher who suggests the deep value of great literary texts with subtlety and compassion."

Students emphasize the sense of community Schor brings to the classroom. One undergraduate recalled reading a poem as a group at the end of Schor's first class on poetry. "Together we chanted, at first shy, and soon — via her encouragement — communal, in no time drumming on our thighs, rejoicing in the silliness of the sounds and the power of naming. Professor Schor fostered this environment, one in which the class was able to engage with the poetry without self-consciousness."

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