Recording of Spring 2015 "Lightning in a Panel" colloquium available

Lightning Panel Colloquium Poster

Lightning in a Panel - the American Superhero and the invention of a modern mythology.

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Meet five of America’s celebrated writers in superhero comics.
Learn the origins of today’s most beloved superheroes in comics, film, and television.
Explore where the genre and art form is headed next.
Featuring writers from DC Comics and Marvel Comics:
* Dennis O’Neil - writer of Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow
* Paul Levitz - writer of Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes
* Louise Simonson - writer of Superman, X-factor and X-Men
* Walter Simonson - writer/illustrator of Thor, X-factor and the Fantastic Four
* Larry Hama - writer of G.I. Joe and Wolverine
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Open to all of Princeton University and the greater community.
Co-sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program, the Department of English, the Program in American Studies, the Program in Media + Modernity, and the Council of the Humanities.