Twentieth Century Workshop

Dec 2, 2022, 12:30 pm1:30 pm



Event Description

This is an announcement for the next meeting of the 20th Century Workshop.  

Speaker: Elias Kleinbock, Department of Comparative Literature, Princeton University
Respondent: Jon Repetti, Department of English, Princeton University
The 20th Century Workshop (dormant since the start of the pandemic) offers an opportunity for the English and comp lit communities to come together and discuss graduate works-in-progress. Consistently drawing a range of grads and faculty members, the 20th Century Workshop has given presenters the opportunity to hear feedback from colleagues with varied expertise. These workshops have played an important role in the intellectual and communal life of the English Department in the past, and we are excited bring these conversations back. This year, we are hosting this series of tri-weekly workshops online in order to welcome a broader group of participants.