Writing Workshop 4: Grant Me: Gratitude, Praise, Wishing

07/30/2020 - 2:00pm

Reading (short and necessary for the prompt):

“Prayer on Aladdin’s Lamp,” Marcus Wicker and listening: Tracy K. Smith, The Slowdown, on “Prayer on Aladdin’s Lamp” (Dec. 18th, 2018), Joy Harjo “Praise the Rain”, Jericho Brown, “Psalm 150”


Grant Me: Write your own “Prayer on Aladdin’s Lamp” or poem/essay/journal entry of praise taking Joy Harjo as inspiration. Optional: Record yourself reading your poem out loud for the podcast review. Also, think about the structure of Tracy K. Smith’s podcast episode. How does Smith use the 5 minutes to frame the poem?

Wishes: What wishes do you have for the year to come? Free form write about them.