Class of 2024 Seniors, Honors and Prizes


Highest Honors

Joseph Himmelfarb
Charlotte Leane
Jamie Rodriguez

High Honors

Gabriel Robare
Grace Rocker
Claire Schultz


Dóra Kollár
Chloe Satenberg
Sierra Stern

Class of 2024

Nolan Abeyta
"Gravity's Rainbow: Reviving Sentimentalism in Pynchon's Rhetorical Theatrics"
Thesis Adviser: D. Vance Smith

William Buhay
"The Blockbuster Auteurism of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet and The Great Gatsby"
Thesis Adviser: William A. Gleason

Rebecca Cao
"The Divine Shell"
Thesis Adviser: Paul Nadal

Juliette Carbonnier
Thesis Adviser: Esther Schor
"Funeral Theatrics"
Thesis Adviser: Ilya Kaminsky (Creative Writing)

David Chmielewski
"Image in Motion, Image in Exile: Towards a Decolonial and Feminist Practice of Looking"
Thesis Adviser: Rob Nixon

Anna Chung
"Wedding Cake People"
Thesis Adviser: Ed Park (Creative Writing)

Arlette Cojab
"The Polished Surfaces of Things"
Thesis Adviser: Joyce Carol Oates (Creative Writing)

John Fitzgibbons
"Listen Closely When I Tell You & Queerness and The Closet in Short Fiction: A Critical Approach"
Thesis Adviser: Eduardo Cadava

Andi Grene
"Small Talk and Other Stories"
Thesis Adviser: A.M. Homes (Creative Writing)

Joseph Himmelfarb
"Tales of Man's Best Surrogate"
Thesis Adviser: Rob Nixon

Caroline Hochman
"The Illusion of the Victorian ‘Civilized’ Human: H.G. Wells and Robert Louis Stevenson's Critique of Progressive Evolution"
Thesis Adviser: Esther Schor

Sydney Hwang
"Wash My Dreams: A Collection of Linked Stories"
Thesis Adviser: Megha Majumdar (Creative Writing)

Elliott Hyon
"Displaced and Borderless: Locating a Queer Poetics of Flight and Desire in Giovanni's Room and On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous"
Thesis Adviser: Paul Nadal

Ashley Hyun
"Home is Where the Grief Is"
Thesis Adviser: Jack Livings (Creative Writing)

Quin Kirsten
"Los Angelos Palimpsest: Watts and Chavez Ravine on Film"
Thesis Adviser: Bradin Cormack

Dóra Kollár
"Mix & Match: Genre-Blending in Cinematic Fairy Tale Retellings"
Thesis Adviser: William A. Gleason

Amanda Kural
"Girls in Eden"
Thesis Adviser: Morgan Jerkins (Creative Writing)

Charlotte Leane
"Unspeakable: Syntax and Secrecy in the Fin de Siècle Gothic"
Thesis Adviser: Susan Wolfson

Zachary Martini
"Finding the Uncanny Within the Dreamlike Characters of David Lynch Films"
Thesis Adviser: Lee Clark Mitchell

Hannah Renert
"The Magical and the Menial: Depictions of Work in Contemporary Japanese Magical Realism"
Thesis Adviser: Lee Clark Mitchell

Emma Reynolds
"Knowing the Invisible: The Wageless Labor of Black Women in the Twentieth-Century Novel"
Thesis Adviser: Meredith Martin

Gabriel Robare
"Part I of Seamus Heaney's North: An Annotated Edition"
Thesis Adviser: D. Vance Smith

Grace Rocker
"Composite Beings: Girls, Zines, and Archives From Decades Past to Feminist Futures"
Thesis Adviser: Sarah Anderson

James Rodriguez
"Telling Entanglements: Erotic Narrative as Environmental Praxis"
Thesis Adviser: Bradin Cormack

Chloe Satenberg
"Not Your Buddy"
Thesis Adviser: Sylvia Khoury-Yacoub (Creative Writing)

Claire Schultz
"Wandering Souls: Searching for Home in the Novels of Eliot and Dickens"
Thesis Adviser: Jeff Nunokawa
"Bright Star"
Thesis Adviser: Zoe Heller (Creative Writing)

Jessica Scott
"This is Not a Story to Pass On: (Inverse) Consumption of Black Horror Throughout American Entertainment History"
Thesis Adviser: Jeff Nunokawa

Samantha Spector
"'The Company I Keep': A Creative Exploration of Feminism, Objectification, and Control in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"
Thesis Adviser: Nigel Smith

Sierra Stern
Thesis Adviser: Susanna Styron (Creative Writing)

Bethany Villaruz
"Endgame: Fate and Fan Intervention in Riverdale"
Thesis Adviser: Meredith Martin

Other Prizes

McCosh Teaching Award
Diana Little

Class of 1883 English Prize For Academic Freshmen
Ivy Chen
“The Body as Battleground: Female Depersonalization, Physical Suffering, and Internalized Harm in Sally Rooney's Conversations with Friends“

Francis Biddle Sophomore Prize
Rachel Brooks
‘‘‘Fix'd on the grey horizon‘: Charlotte Smith's Poetic Sea-ing“

Class of 1870 Sophomore Prize
Annie Cao
“‘Ball and Chain‘: Objectification in Emerson's Domestic Sphere“

Class of 1870 Junior Prize
Eleanor Hunt

Emily Ebert Junior Prize
Isabelle Clayton

Ward Mathis Prize
Dana Serea

The E.E. Cummings Academy of American Poets Prize
Ivy Chen

Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize
Melanie Garcia

Morris W. Croll Poetry Prize
Melanie Garcia