Josh Kotin's ‘Special Studies in Modernism: 1922’ explore Princeton Library's Special Collections

May 4, 2022

Joshua Kotin, associate professor in the Department of English, offers his class, “Special Studies in Modernism: 1922,” a chance to explore James Joyce’s work as well as contemporary publications from T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, and Claude McKay in consideration of their influence 100 years later. 

“This class presents a way to think about modernism and to reflect on the importance of that year to the development of cultural history, especially Anglophone literary history,” Kotin explained. 

The spring 2022 term is the first and likely only time Kotin will offer this course. Sparked by the centenary, Kotin felt that modernist studies is due for a renaissance. Beyond wanting his students to examine the course texts and glean their literary significance, Kotin emphasized the process of contextualizing literature as part of a larger, historical conversation.

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