Alex Diaz-Hui


Alex Diaz-Hui joined the Department of English and Program in Latin American Studies in 2020. A proud Oregonian, he received his BA (summa cum laude) from Portland State University and his MA at Oregon State University. At Oregon State, Alex wrote his thesis on the use of noise in the soundscapes of contemporary Latine poets. His work at Princeton is inspired by perspectives in sound studies, ethnomusicology, and Caribbean and Latine poetics. Alex is currently working on his dissertation, which focuses on how ensembles form among poets and musicians and the conditions that cause these artists to abandon, and sometimes return to, certain people, places, and ideas.

Alex is a passionate educator and has taught in academic settings ranging from elementary and secondary schools, group music lessons, language exchange programs, and college composition courses. As a musician, he focuses on electric and upright bass, field recordings, noise art, and Do-it-Yourself approaches to music production. He composes in several genres under multiple pseudonyms.