Eli Mandel

Chancellor Green Café

BA, Yale College
MA, Princeton University

Eli P. Mandel came to Princeton in 2016 and is a joint PhD candidate in English and interdisciplinary humanities. He studies modernist literature and culture, with particular interests in poetry and poetics, psychoanalysis, and archival theory. His dissertation, Collecting Facts: Democracy, Archives, and the Literature of Fact, 1934-1941, explores the conceptualization of facts and their resistance to knowledge, valuation, and representation in British and American left-wing writing of the 1930s.

Eli’s work has appeared in The Harvard Review, Ploughshares, The New Inquiry, and elsewhere. At Princeton he has been a co-chair of the Graduate Action Committee and the Working Group on Graduate Issues in the English department, as well as a convener of colloquia in contemporary poetry and psychoanalysis. He has been a preceptor for Introduction to English Literature, 1400-1800; Shakespeare I and II; and (in the Psychology Department) Foundations of Psychological Thought.