Jennifer Soong

Jennifer Soong (B.A. Harvard University) works on literature from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with a focus on poetry and poetics. She is currently writing a dissertation on forgetting in modernism and its aftermath. From the “deliberate forgetting” of the avant-garde to forgetting's postwar influence on poetic distraction and digression to the rise of erasure and ambient poetry, her dissertation follows both the theoretical and historical implications of forgetting as a method of positioning oneself with regards to temporality.

Additional projects include running Poetry@Princeton and the Bain-Swiggett Poetry Library, and co-organizing both the Contemporary Poetry Colloquium and the Contemporary Poetry Reading Group.

Jennifer is also a poet and the author of a collection of poetry. Chosen by Pierre Joris, Monica McClure, and Claudia La Rocco, Near, At will be published with Futurepoem in 2019. Apart from her own writing, Jennifer works as the poetry editor at Nat. Brut.