Sean W. Gill


Sean joined the Department of English at Princeton in 2018, having earned his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania that same year. He studies print culture and the material text, with an especial fondness for pulp print productions of the late Victorian. He thinks a lot about how changing methods of codex production—and the changing materials from which codices are formed—impacts readerly reception and informs canon production. He’s also very interested in the afterlives of books and interrogating the traceable ways that readers interact with the printed word.

Sean has worked on several digital humanities projects, including Différance, a Scalar-based work of creative non-fiction centered around a self-constructed archive of his grandmother’s recipes, and Ulysses’ Seen, Rob Berry’s web comic adaptation of Joyce’s masterpiece. He also maintains a vivid interest in early film, specifically the productions of Fritz Lang and Carl Dreyer. Sean and his partner, Julie, are the proud parents of Harper, a pup rescued from a Philadelphia animal shelter some seven years ago.