Spines of books on a shelf, including 'Bleak House' by Charles Dickens

The full scholarly community of the Department of English — faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates — is united by the active pursuit of research in literary and cultural studies. Our faculty are leaders in their fields, regularly publishing not just literary criticism and scholarly editions but anthologies, biographies, fiction, and poetry. Our Ph.D. students and alumnae are also writers, researchers, editors, and innovators, many known for their forward-looking and timely books. In these pages you will find bookshelves featuring the publications of Princeton faculty and Ph.D.s, along with model senior theses produced by our enterprising undergraduates, drawing on years of coursework and training to produce their own substantive and original work. Together our intellectual passions are broad and deep, enlivened by an enduring commitment to the world-changing energy of words. Just as we are a community of adventurous thinkers and discovers, so we share a dedication to the power and beauty of the language that convenes us.