“Soundings of Things Done”: The Poetry and Poetics of Sound in the Romantic Ear and Era

This volume of Romantic Circles Praxis Series includes an editor's introduction by Susan J. Wolfson, essays by Susan J. Wolfson, James Chandler, Garrett Stewart, and Adam Potkay.

This forum attends to the sounding sense of Romantic poetry, both thematically (a poetics of sound) and sensually/phonically (the poetry of sound and the sound of poetry). Susan Wolfson's essay audits a range of Romantic poetry for various, multiple, often punning soundings of the word sound as a virtual meta-text for this poetry. Adam Potkay, with his ear tuned to Wordsworth's "Solitary Reaper" and "The Power of Music," investigates Wordsworth's interest in the Orphic power of music to seduce and distract as a form of negotiated civic liberty. James Chandler relays Wordsworth's "Power of Sound" both into the sound of power and into what "sound overpowers" in Wordsworth's Intimations Ode and its Shelleyan coordinates. And our Master-Ear of the Phonotext, Garrett Stewart, catches the "Romantic phone-omenon" in Romantic poetry, its reverberations in Victorian imagination, and its resonance in cognition theory today.

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