on the flared: Essays on Four Letters of John Keats

Keats’s poet-autobiography, The Fall of Hyperion, breaks off at the words “on he flared”, about a god who, having seen the fall of brother gods to mortality, knows his doom, yet meets it with fierce resistance. Here are four of Keats’s letters showing the man and the craftsman embracing life’s energies with death on a too-near horizon: on he flared.

“Susan J. Wolfson is among the most perceptive, witty, and engaging of Keats’s numerous interpreters, and this collection of essays about four letters by Keats is the perfect introduction to his life and times.”

Duncan Wu, Raymond Wagner Professor in Literary Studies, Georgetown University

“Sharp, shrewd, and smart – in this volume Susan Wolfson engages brilliantly with John Keats’s greatest letters, attentive to his verbal genius in its finest and most subtle details and inflections.

Each of these four remarkable essays carries us with fresh understanding into the heart of Keats’s extraordinary achievement.”

Published by: “Keats House, Rome”