Courses by Distribution Requirement


Spring 2020  
ENG 200Literary HistoryLCH
ENG 204Historical Fiction/Fictional HistoryPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ENG 214Coming of Age LiteraturePost-1900
ENG 301Word Love: A History of English for ReadersLCH
ENG 306History of Literary CriticismTheory & Criticism
ENG 321Shakespeare IIPre-1700
ENG 325MiltonPre-1700
ENG 341The Later Romantics1700-1900
ENG 345Nineteenth-Century Fiction1700-1900
ENG 356/AMS 359/JDS 377American Jewish Writers: Citizens, Immigrants, and IconoclastsPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ENG 357Topics in American Literature: James and FaulknerPost-1900
ENG 384/ENV 383Environmental Justice Through Literature and FilmPost-1900, Theory & Criticism
ENG 385Children's Literature1700-1900, Post-1900
ENG 397/AAS 397/COM 348New Diasporas: Black British LiteraturePost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ENG 401Literature & Science, from Frankenstein to the 21st CenturyPost-1900, Theory & Criticism
ENG 409/THR 409Theater & Philosophy: From Plato to Hegel and BeyondTheory & Criticism
ENG 411/AAS 413/AMS 411/THR 412Major Authors: August WilsonPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ENG 416Topics in Literature & Ethics: Legal and Literary InterpretationTheory & Criticism
ENG 448/THR 448/HUM 448/COM 440Early Modern AmsterdamPre-1700
AAS 359/ENG 366African American Literature, Harlem Renaissance to the PresentDifference & Diversity
AMS 365/ENG 356/GSS 365/MTD 365The Broadway Musical from Rodgers and Hammerstein to SondheimPost-1900
ASA 224/ENG 224/GSS 226Asian American Literature and CulturePost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ASA 360/ENG 301/AAS 360Black and Asian in AmericaDifference & Diversity
CLA 208/ENG 240/LIN 208/TRA 208Origins and Nature of English VocabularyTBD
COM 345/JDS XXX/ENG 246One Text, Many Angles: Merchant of VenicePre-1700
ENV 357/AMS 457/GSS 357/ENG 315The Animal Question in Film, Photography and Popular CultureTheory & Criticism
ENV 363/ENG 337Writing the Environment through Creative NonfictionPost-1900
GSS 373/AMS 383/ENG 332Graphic MemoirPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
HUM 320/HIS 346/MED 322/ENG 233Making Medieval Worlds: Methods and MaterialsPre-1700
LAS 328/JRN 328/LAO 326/ENG 245Immigration Debates in the United StatesTBD
REL 350/ENG 442/CLA 352/HIS 353God, Satan, Goddesses, and Monsters: How Their….Pre-1700, Theory & Criticism
SLA 369/ENG 247Horror in Literature and FilmTBD
THR 219/ENG 248Drama and PerformanceTBD
THR 406/CWR 406/ENG 250/MTD 406Theater Writing StudioPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
THR 343/ENG 304/HUM 343Some Contemporary Shakespearean AfterlivesPost-1900
Fall 2019  
ENG 300, S03Power/KnowledgeJRS
ENG 300, S05Another Age of AnxietyJRS
ENG 300, S01Reading BodiesJRS
ENG 300, S02, UCL (Study Abroad)Writing and BelongingJRS, UCL
ENG 300, S04Satire and SatiristsJRS
CLA 335/HLS 335/ENG 235Odysseys: Studies in the Classical Tradition Departmental
COM 343/ENG 243/GER 343Storytelling as Self Defense: Political NovellasDepartmental
ENG 284/THR 275Sex, Politics, and Religion on the Comic StageTBD
ENG 312/MED 312ChaucerPre-1700
ENG 320Shakespeare IPre-1700
ENG 326The 17th Century: Tolerance and Its CriticsPre-1700
ENG 340Romanticism and the Age of Revolution1700-1900
COM 372/ENG 303The Gothic Tradition1700-1900
COM 421/ENG 241Lyric Language and Form I: Renaissance to Romantic1700-1900
ENG 202The American Short Story from Irving to Wharton1700-1900
ENG 350Literature of the American Renaissance, 1820-18601700-1900
AMS 367/ENG 267American Noir: Crime Fiction and FilmPost-1900
ENG 203The EssayPost-1900
ENG 356/AMS 364Topics in American Literature -Post-1900
 American Fiction & Film: Catholics and Jews 
ENG 362Modern PoetryPost-1900
ENG 364/THR 364/COM 321Modern Drama IPost-1900
ENG 369Contemporary Science Fiction/Speculative FictionPost-1900, T&C
ENG 405Topics in Poetry: Poets' PoetsPost-1900
ENG 433Interpreting BrexitPost-1900
ENG 444/ASA 444/AMS 443Global NovelPost-1900, T&C, D&D
ENG 445/ART 457/GSS 445Between Desire and DisgustPost-1900, T&C
ENG 446 - NEWThe Novel Since 2000Post-1900, D&D
AMS 367/ENG 267American Noir: Crime Fiction and FilmPost-1900, T&C
COM 306/ENG 440The Modern European NovelPost-1900
ENV 375/ENG 275/JRN 375Crossing the Climate Change DividePost-1900
ENG 369Contemporary Science Fiction/Speculative FictionTheory & Criticism, Post-1900
ENG 386/ENV 386Literature and EnvironmentTheory & Criticism
ENG 444/ASA 444/AMS 443Global NovelTheory & Criticism, Post-1900, D&D
ENG 445/ART 457/GSS 445Between Desire and DisgustTheory & Criticism, Post-1900
AMS 367/ENG 267American Noir: Crime Fiction and FilmTheory & Criticism, Post-1900
ENV 357/AMS 457/GSS 357/ENG 315Empire of the Ark: The Animal Question in Film, Photography…Theory & Criticism
ENG 326The 17th Century: Tolerance and Its CriticsDifference & Diversity
ENG 356/AMS 364Topics in American Literature - Difference & Diversity, Post-1900
 American Fiction & Film: Catholics and Jews 
ENG 444/ASA 444/AMS 443Global NovelDifference & Diversity, T&C
ENG 446The Novel Since 2000Difference & Diversity, Post-1900
AMS 310/ENG 434/ASA 310Multiethnic American Short Stories: Tales We Tell OurselvesDifference & Diversity
AMS 406/ENG 319About Faces: Case Studies in the History of Reading FacesDifference & Diversity
ASA 225/ENG 225/GSS 224Too Cute!: Race, Style, and AsiamaniaDifference & Diversity