Courses by Distribution Requirement


FALL 2021  
ENG 300, S01Borderlines (Anderson, Sarah M.)JRS
ENG 300, S02Utopias (Cormack, Bradin)JRS
ENG 300, S03T.S. Eliot (DiBattista, Maria) JRS
ENG 300, S04Indians, Colonists, Britons: Writing Settler Colonialism and Indigeneity (Richardson, Robbie)JRS
ENG 201American Literary HistoryLCH; DD; 1700-1900
ENG 203The EssayTC; 1700- 1900
ENG 205Making Poems Your OwnTC; Post-1900
ENG 208UnderworldsTC; Pre-1700
ENG 261/ AMS 357Conspiracy in AmericaTC; Post-1900
ENG 293/ASA 293Chinatown, USADD
ENG 312/MED 312ChaucerPre-1700
ENG 313/ MED 315Worlds Made By Words: Old English Poems that PerformPre-1700
ENG 314/THR 384Hope and History: The Poems and Plays of Seamus HeaneyPost-1900
ENG 319/THR 217/ GSS 441Staging Sex in the City of London: From Country Wives to FleabagsPre-1700
ENG 320/THR 310Shakespeare IPre-1700
ENG 339/COM 342/GSS 438Topics in 18th-Century Literature: Love Gone Wrong1700-1900
ENG 340/ECS 368Romanticism and the Age of Revolutions1700-1900
ENG 351American Literature: 1865- 19301700-1900; Post-1900
ENG 357Topics in American Literature: Henry James and William FaulknerPost-1900
ENG 385Children's Literature1700 - 1900; Post-1900
ENG 390/COM 392/HUM 390Bible as Literature


ENG 446The Novel Since 2000DD
AAS 359/ ENG 366African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to PresentLCH; DD; Post-1900
AMS 101America Then and Now 
AMS 322/ ENG 242Native American LiteratureDD
ASA 201/ ENG 209  
COM 375/ ENG 265Writing the World: Nature, Science, and Literature in Early Modern Europe 
ENV 200EThe Environmental NexusDD
ENV 357/ ENG 315Empire of the Ark: The Animal Question in Film, Photography and Popular CultureTC
ENV 380/ ENG 480Cities, Sea Level Rise and the Environmental Humanities 
GSS 373/ ENG 332Graphic MemoirDD; Post-1900
HUM 216Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture I: Literature and the ArtsLCH
HUM 217Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture I: History, Philosophy, and ReligionLCH
JRN 240/ ENG 280Creative Non-Fiction  
SLA 411/ ENG 441Crosscultural Links between Russian & American Literature & Culture 
THR 308/ ENG 260Metatheater, Then and Now 
THR 316/ ENG 217Modern Irish Theater: Oscar Wilde to Martin McDonagh to Riverdance 
THR 329/ ENG 263A Queer and Mysterious Analysis of William Inge 
SPRING 2022 (as of 9/10/2021)  
ENG 200Literary History Pre-1700, LCH
ENG 237This is PoetryTBD
ENG 251Race & GenreDD
ENG 295The Art of Loving 
ENG 305/ COM 312Contemporary Literary TheoryTC
ENG 321 Shakespeare: Hamlet and AfterPre-1700
ENG 325MiltonPre-1700
ENG 338/ HIS 318/ AMS 348Topics in 18th-Century Literature: The Red Atlantic and the Enlightenment1700-1900
ENG 341The Later Romantics1700-1900
ENG 34519th Century Fiction1700-1900
ENG 350Literature of the American Renaissance, 1820 - 18601700-1900
ENG 354/ THR 351/ AAS 354Black Dramatists in the English-Speaking WorldDD; Post-1900
ENG 360Modern FictionPost-1900
ENG 372/ THR 372Contemporary Drama 
ENG 317Where Are We? Maps, Travel, and Wonder 
ENG 444/ ASA 444/AMS 443 Global NovelPost-1900; DD; TC
CROSS-LISTED ( as of 8/11/2021)  
AAS 353/ ENG 352African American Literature: Origins to 1910DD; 1700 - 1900
COM XXX/ ENG XXXMediterranean CultureDD
ENV 357/ ENG 315Empire of the Ark: The Animal Question in Film, Photography and Popular CultureTC
HUM 218Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture II: Literature and the ArtsLCH
HUM 352 / ENG 252Arts in the Invisible City: Race, Policy, PerformanceDD, Post-1900
THR 300/ ENG 373Acting, Being, Doing: Intro to Performance Studies