Courses by Distribution Requirement


FALL 2020  
ENG 300, S01Realisms (Dolven, Jeff)JRS
ENG 300, S02Borderlines (Anderson, Sarah)JRS
ENG 300, S03Speculative Fiction and the Ends of Man (Leo, Russ)JRS
ENG 300, S04The Scale of the World (Nadal, Paul)JRS
ENG 203The EssayTC
ENG 206Making and Remaking FictionPost-1900
ENG 229/AMS 229Introduction to Indigenous LiteraturesDD
ENG 308American Cinema


ENG 310/MED 310The Old English PeriodPre-1700
ENG 312/MED 312ChaucerPre-1700
ENG 320/THR 310Shakespeare IPre-1700
ENG 328Topics in the Renaissance: Erotic PoetryPre-1700; TC
ENG 339Topics in 18th-Century Literature: Jane Austin1700-1900
ENG 353Melodrama, from Uncle Tom's Cabin to Grey's AnatomyLCH
ENG 354/AAS 354/THR 351Black Dramatists in the English-Speaking WorldPost-1900, DD
ENG 368American Literature: 1930-PresentPost-1900
ENG 390/COM 392/HUM 390Bible as Literature


ENG 401Forms of Literature: American Short StoriesPost-1900
ENG 408/GSS 415Queer Literatures: Theory, Narrative, and AestheticsD&D
ENG 409/THR 410Topics in Drama: The Antigone ProjectPost-1900
ENG 411/AAS 413/AMS 411Major Authors: Emerson & Douglass1700-1900; DD; TC
ENG 415/JRN 415/COM 446Topics in Literature and Ethics: Imagining Human RightsLCH; DD
ENG 432/HUM 433Fashioning the Self, Rendering Others: Literary and Visual Portraiture...1700-1900; Post-1900
AAS 353/ENG 352African American Literature: Origins to 19101700-1900; DD
AAS 392/ENG 392Topics in African American Literature: Reading Toni MorrisonPost-1900; DD
AMS 317/ENG 249Sondheim's Musicals and the Making of AmericaPost-1900
AMS 343/ENG 238Privacy, Publicity, and the Text Message


ASA 224/ENG 224/GSS 226Asian American Literature and CulturePost-1900; DD
COM 339/ECS 351/ENG 239Politcal Novel and CinemaLCH; Post-1900
COM 441/ENG 281"I" First Person Point of View in Literature and PhilosophyTC
ENV 357/AMS 457/GSS 357/ENG 315 Elective
GSS 400/ENG 264Contemporary Theories of Gender and SexualityDD; TC
HUM 328/ENG 270Language To Be Looked AtPost-1900; TC
SPRING 2021  
ENG 200Literary History Pre-1700, LCH
ENG 205 NEW! Making Poems Your OwnTC, Post-1900
ENG 214Coming-of-Age LiteratureDD, 1700-1900, Post-1900
ENG 215Introduction to Science FictionTC, Post-1900
ENG 216/ AMS 216/ GSS 214NEW!   Wounded BeautyDD, TC
ENG 228/ THR 228Introduction to Irish StudiesDD
ENG 311The Medieval Period: Arthurian Literature and the Critique of EmpirePre-1700
ENG 318/ LAO 318/ LAS 306/ AMS 318NEW!   Topics in Latinx Literature and Culture: Latinx Literary WorldsDD, TC
ENG 321Shakespeare IIPre-1700
ENG 325MiltonPre-1700
ENG 32617th Century Literature: Early Modern Amsterdam: Tolerance and the ArtsPre-1700, LCH
ENG 338/ HIS 318 / AMS 348Topics in 18th-Century Literature: North American "Indians" in Transatlantic ContextsDD, 1700-1900, Post-1900
ENG 34519th Century Fiction1700-1900
ENG 355British CinemaTC, Post-1900
ENG 358/ LAS 385/ AMS 396NEW ! Reading Islands: Caribbean Waters, the Archipelago, and its NarrativesDD, Post-1900
ENG 361/ AMS 357NEW!  Conspiracy in American Literature and CultureTC, Post-1900
ENG 380/ THR 380/ COM 247World DramaDD, Post-1900
ENG 399NEW!  Multicultural London: The Literature of Migrants and ImmigrantsDD, 1700-1900, Post-1900
ENG 421/ MED 421Beowulf Pre-1700
AAS 230/ ENG 231Topics in African American Studies: The Fire This Time - Reading James BaldwinDD, Post-1900
AAS 359/ ENG 366Harlem Renaissance to the PresentDD, Post-1900, LCH
AMS 334/ ENG 234American Genres: Western, Screwball Comedies, Film NoirPost-1900
AMS 404/ ENG 434Advanced Seminar in American Studies: Multiethnic Short Stories: Stories We Tell OurselvesDD, Post-1900
ASA 224/ ENG 224Introduction to Asian American LiteratureDD, Post-1900, LCH
ASA 329/ ENG 292Asian American AutobiographyDD, Post-1900
COM 207/ ENG 207What is Socialism? Literature and PoliticsTC
COM 335/ ENG 236Poetry of ResistancePost-1900
COM 375/ ENG 265Writing the World: Nature, Science, and Literature in Early Modern EuropePre-1700
ENV 357/ ENG 315Empire of the Ark: The Animal Question in Film, Photography and Popular Culture 
ENV 363/ ENG 337Writing the Environment Through Creative Non-FictionTC, Post-1900
ENV 455/ ENG 255Sea Level Rise, Islands and the Environmental Humanities 
HUM 346/ ENG 256Introduction to Digital Humanities 
HUM 352 / ENG 252Arts in the Invisible City: Race, Policy, PerformanceDD, Post-1900
LAO 218/ ENG 258LatinX AutobiographyDD, Post-1900
REL 350/ ENG 442God, Satan, Goddesses, and Monsters: How Their Stories Play in Art, Culture, and Politics 
SLA 369/ENG 247Horror in Film and Literature 
THR 220/ ENG 226Theater and the Plague 
THR 302/ ENG 222Ghosts, Vampires and Zombies in Irish LiteratureDD, Post-1900
THR 416/ ENG 456Decentering/Recentering the Western Canon in Contemporary American TheaterDD
VIS 323/ ENG 232Writing Near Art/ Near Art Writing Post-1900