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Distribution Requirement List

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Fall 2023 English

ENG 300, S01 Junior Seminar: Wild Writing: Literary Acts with Animal Actors (Anderson, Sarah M.) JRS
ENG 300, S02 Junior Seminar: TBD (Tamsen Wolff) JRS
ENG 300, S03 Junior Seminar: Frankenstein: 207 Years Ago and Today (Susan Wolfson) JRS
ENG 306 History of Criticism TC
ENG 313/ MED 313 Beowulf Pre-1700
ENG 318/ THR 310 Shakespeare: Towards Hamlet Pre-1700
ENG 334 Literatures of the American Renaissance, 1820-1865  1700-1900
ENG 339/ COM 342/ GSS 438 Topics in 18th-Century Literature: Jane Austen Then and Now 1700-1900
ENG 345 19th-Century Fiction 1700-1900
ENG 354/ AAS 354/ THR 351 Black Dramatists in the English-Speaking World DD; Post-1900
ENG 357 Topics in American Literature: Henry James & William Faulkner Post-1900
ENG 359/ COM 359 Bodies & Belonging in Milton's Epic Tradition Pre-1700; TC; DD
ENG 360 Modern Fiction Post-1900
ENG 361/ THR 364/ COM 321 Modern Drama I Post-1900
ENG 368/ AMS 340 American Literature: 1930 – Present Post-1900
ENG 383/ AAS 340/ GSS 395/ AMS 483  Topics in Women's Writing: Archival Silence & Aesthetic Innovation Post-1900; DD
ENG 384/ GSS 394 Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies: Gender, Sex, and Desire in Early Modernity  1700-1900; DD
ENG 390/COM 392/HUM 390 Bible as Literature


ENG 405 Topics in Poetry: Modern Irish Poetry Post-1900; DD
ENG 409/ THR 410/ HUM 409 Topics in Drama: Early Modern Theater: Purpose of Playing 1700-1900
ENG 415/ JRN 415/ COM 446/ AFS 415 Topics in Literature and Ethics: Writing About Refugees Post-1900; DD; LCH

Fall 2023 Cross Listed

AAS 353/ ENG 352 African American Literature: Origins to 1910 LCH; DD
AMS 101 America Then and Now  
AMS 322/ ENG 242 Native American Literature DD
ASA 201/ENG 209 Introduction to Asian American Studies DD; LCH
COM 372/ ENG 303 The Gothic Tradition  
COM 421/ ENG 241 Lyric Language and Form I: Renaissance to Romantic  
COM 456/ ENG 465 The Art and Practice of Impracticality  
ECS 342/ ENG 349 Literature and Photography: Genealogies of Perception Post-1900
HUM 216 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture I: Literature and the Arts LCH
HUM 217 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture I: History, Philosophy, and Religion LCH
LAO 340/ ENG 354 Latinx Narratives: Literature, Music and Culture Post-1900; DD
THR 302/ ENG 222 Ghosts, Vampires, and Zombies in Irish Theatre and Literature  
THR 347/ ENG 274 The Oral Interpretation of Toni and William Post-1900; DD
THR350/ ENG 251  Playing Dead: Corpses in Theater and Cinema  

Spring 2023 English

ENG 200 Rewriting the World: Literatures in English, 1350 – 1850 Pre-1700, LCH
ENG 246/ HUM 246/ CLA 246/ CWR 246 Re-Writing the Classics DD
ENG 259/ AMS 259 Film and Media Studies: Animation Post-1900
ENG 269 Sally Rooney and her Contemporaries Post-1900
ENG 275 American Television Post-1900
ENG 325/ COM 371 Milton Pre-1700
ENG 341/ ECS 382 The Later Romantics 1700-1900
ENG 355 British Cinema TC; Post-1900
ENG 358/ LAS 385/ AMS 396/ AAS 343 Caribbean Lit and Culture: Island Imaginaries: Movement, Speculation, and Precarity in Caribbean Literature DD, Post-1900
ENG 387 Phenomenology DD, TC
ENG 388 Topics in Critical Theory: Think Space TC
ENG 400/ MED 400 Touching Books: An Introduction to the History of Books Pre-1700
ENG 401/ AMS 401 Forms of Literature: American Short Stories Post-1900
ENG 402/ MED 401 Forms of Literature: Prehistories of Civilization Pre-1700
ENG 404/ NES 404/ AMS 402 Forms of Literature: Writing Revolution DD
ENG 405 Topics in Poetry: Contemporary Poetry Post-1900
ENG 409/ THR 410/ HUM 409 Topics in Drama: Performing Hamlet Pre-1900; DD
ENG 411/AMS 411/AAS 413 Major Author(s): Mourning America: Emerson and Douglass TC; DD; 1700-1900
ENG 448/ THR 448/ HUM 448/ COM 440 Early Modern Amsterdam: Tolerant Eminence & the Arts Pre-1700

Spring 2023 Cross Listed

AAS 230/ ENG 231 Topics in African American Studies: The Fire This Time – Reading James Baldwin DD; Post-1900
AAS 326/ ENG 286 Topics in African American Culture & Life: Black Speculative Fiction and The Black Radical Imagination DD
AAS 359/ ENG 366 African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to Present DD; Post-1900
AAS 392/ ENG 392 Topics in African American Literature: Reading Toni Morrison DD; Post -1900
AMS 317/ ENG 249 Sondheim's Musicals and the Making of America Post-1900
AMS 334/ ENG 234 American Genres: Westerns, Screwball Comedies, Film Noir Post-1900
AMS 404/ ENG 454 Advanced Seminar in American Studies: "America": Writing the Public, Writing the Self DD
AMS 415/ ENG 435 Land and Story in Native America DD
ASA 389/ ENG 289 New York Stories: Asian Pacific American Art, Activism, Literature & Film DD
ATL 499/ ENG 499 Sites of Memory: Gender, Performance, and the Law DD
COM 207/ ENG 207 What is Socialism? Literature and Politics TC
COM 322/ ENG 282 Imagining the Mediterranean in Literature and Film: Itineraries Traditions Ordeals DD
COM 401/ ENG 419 Seminar. Types of Ideology and Literary Form: Ethics, the Novel, and Pornography  
COM 464/ ENG 464 Conversations: Jazz and Literature DD
GSS 400/ ENG 264 Contemporary Theories of Gender and Sexuality DD
HUM 307/ ENG 277 Literature as Data TC, Post-1900
LAO 347/ ENG 247 Latina/o Literature and Film DD
THR 316/ ENG 217 Modern Irish Theatre: Oscar Wilde to Martin McDonagh to Riverdance Post-1900