Courses by Distribution Requirement


SPRING 2020  
ENG 200Literary HistoryLCH
ENG 204Historical Fiction/Fictional HistoryPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ENG 214Coming of Age LiteraturePost-1900
ENG 301Word Love: A History of English for ReadersLCH
ENG 306History of Literary CriticismTheory & Criticism
ENG 321Shakespeare IIPre-1700
ENG 325MiltonPre-1700
ENG 341The Later Romantics1700-1900
ENG 345Nineteenth-Century Fiction1700-1900
ENG 356/AMS 359/JDS 377American Jewish Writers: Citizens, Immigrants, and IconoclastsPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ENG 357Topics in American Literature: James and FaulknerPost-1900
ENG 384/ENV 383Environmental Justice Through Literature and FilmPost-1900, Theory & Criticism
ENG 385Children's Literature1700-1900, Post-1900
ENG 397/AAS 397/COM 348New Diasporas: Black British LiteraturePost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ENG 401Literature & Science, from Frankenstein to the 21st CenturyPost-1900, Theory & Criticism
ENG 409/THR 409Theater & Philosophy: From Plato to Hegel and BeyondTheory & Criticism
ENG 411/AAS 413/AMS 411/THR 412Major Authors: August WilsonPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ENG 416Topics in Literature & Ethics: Legal and Literary InterpretationTheory & Criticism
ENG 448/THR 448/HUM 448/COM 440Early Modern AmsterdamPre-1700
AAS 359/ENG 366African American Literature, Harlem Renaissance to the PresentDifference & Diversity
AMS 365/ENG 356/GSS 365/MTD 365The Broadway Musical from Rodgers and Hammerstein to SondheimPost-1900
ASA 224/ENG 224/GSS 226Asian American Literature and CulturePost-1900, Difference & Diversity
ASA 360/ENG 301/AAS 360Black and Asian in AmericaDifference & Diversity
CLA 208/ENG 240/LIN 208/TRA 208Origins and Nature of English VocabularyTBD
COM 345/JDS XXX/ENG 246One Text, Many Angles: Merchant of VenicePre-1700
ENV 357/AMS 457/GSS 357/ENG 315The Animal Question in Film, Photography and Popular CultureTheory & Criticism
ENV 363/ENG 337Writing the Environment through Creative NonfictionPost-1900
GSS 373/AMS 383/ENG 332Graphic MemoirPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
HUM 320/HIS 346/MED 322/ENG 233Making Medieval Worlds: Methods and MaterialsPre-1700
LAS 328/JRN 328/LAO 326/ENG 245Immigration Debates in the United StatesTBD
REL 350/ENG 442/CLA 352/HIS 353God, Satan, Goddesses, and Monsters: How Their….Pre-1700, Theory & Criticism
SLA 369/ENG 247Horror in Literature and FilmTBD
THR 219/ENG 248Drama and PerformanceTBD
THR 406/CWR 406/ENG 250/MTD 406Theater Writing StudioPost-1900, Difference & Diversity
THR 343/ENG 304/HUM 343Some Contemporary Shakespearean AfterlivesPost-1900
FALL 2020  
ENG 300, S01Realisms (Dolven, Jeff)JRS
ENG 300, S02Borderlines (Anderson, Sarah)JRS
ENG 300, S03Speculative Fiction and the Ends of Man (Leo, Russ)JRS
ENG 300, S04The Scale of the World (Nadal, Paul)JRS
ENG 203The EssayT&C
ENG 206Making and Remaking FictionPost-1900
ENG 229/AMS 229Introduction to Indigenous LiteraturesD&D
ENG 308American Cinema


ENG 310/MED 310The Old English PeriodPre-1700
ENG 312/MED 312ChaucerPre-1700
ENG 320/THR 310Shakespeare IPre-1700
ENG 328Topics in the Renaissance: Erotic PoetryPre-1700; T&C
ENG 339Topics in 18th-Century Literature: Jane Austin1700-1900
ENG 353Melodrama, from Uncle Tom's Cabin to Grey's AnatomyLCH
ENG 354/AAS 354/THR 351Black Dramatists in the English-Speaking WorldPost-1900, D&D
ENG 368American Literature: 1930-PresentPost-1900
ENG 390/COM 392/HUM 390Bible as Literature


ENG 401Forms of Literature: American Short StoriesPost-1900
ENG 408/GSS 415Queer Literatures: Theory, Narrative, and AestheticsD&D
ENG 409/THR 410Topics in Drama: The Antigone ProjectPost-1900
ENG 411/AAS 413/AMS 411Major Authors: Emerson & Douglass1700-1900; D&D; T&C
ENG 415/JRN 415/COM 446Topics in Literature and Ethics: Imagining Human RightsLCH; D&D
ENG 432/HUM 433Fashioning the Self, Rendering Others: Literary and Visual Portraiture...1700-1900; Post-1900
AAS 353/ENG 352African American Literature: Origins to 19101700-1900; D&D
AAS 392/ENG 392Topics in African American Literature: Reading Toni MorrisonPost-1900; D&D
AMS 317/ENG 249Sondheim's Musicals and the Making of AmericaPost-1900
AMS 343/ENG 238Privacy, Publicity, and the Text Message


ASA 224/ENG 224/GSS 226Asian American Literature and CulturePost-1900; D&D
COM 339/ECS 351/ENG 239Politcal Novel and CinemaLCH; Post-1900
COM 441/ENG 281"I" First Person Point of View in Literature and PhilosophyT&C
ENV 357/AMS 457/GSS 357/ENG 315 Elective
GSS 400/ENG 264Contemporary Theories of Gender and SexualityD&D; T&C
HUM 328/ENG 270Language To Be Looked AtPost-1900; T&C