Can I PDF an English course?

Not if you are an English major. Majors must take all English courses for a grade.

How is my departmental GPA calculated?

The departmental GPA in English is computed at graduation according to the following percentages: departmental courses (excluding the junior seminar) are weighted at 50%, the senior thesis at 25%, junior independent work at 15% (7.5% for the junior paper and 7.5% for the junior seminar), and the comprehensive exams at 10%. Prerequisites are not included in the calculation, but all other courses taken in English or used as cognates to fulfill department requirements are counted (i.e. even if you have exceeded the requirements, you cannot exclude or substitute for an English course or a departmental cognate; the department does not drop the lowest grade). Roughly one quarter to one third of graduating seniors receive honors each year (highest honors, high honors, or honors).