Prize Winners - June 2018

Congratulations to the following winners:

Class of 1870 Sophomore English Prize, best essay in English studies
Eunice Lee '20 - A Negated Fear of Death in Francis Bacon's "Of Death"

Francis Biddle Sophomore Prize, best English essay of the year
Isabel Ruehl '20 - "My Little Circuit"

Ward-Mathis Prize, best short story
Co-winners: Allie Spensley '20 - "Camp" and Charity Young '20 - "The Far Shore"

Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize, poem in the best tradition of English verse
Katherine Stiefel '20 - "The Book of Matt"

E. E. Cummings Society for the Academy of American Poets Prize, best unpublished poem
Eunice Lee '20 - "Castles in the Ampersand"

Morris W. Croll Poetry Prize, best poem with no restrictions on subject or form
Co-winners: Alice Xu '20 and Cooper Young '20 - "Where Owls Won't Fly"

Class of 1883 English Prize for Academic Freshmen, best essay in English Studies
Isabel Griffith-Gorgati '21 - "Mrs. Dalloway's Flowers"

Class of 1883 English Prize for Academic Freshmen in the School of Engineering, best essay on any topic in English or American literature
Tessa Flanagan '21 - "Coming to Terms with Entropy"